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Prison Break Season 6 Release Date, Latest News and Updates

Prison Break Season 6

Prison Break Season 6 Release Date, Latest News and Updates : Prison Break is a show for people who loves suspense TV series. Prison Break has lots of fans from all around the world. The show has lots of suspense every minute not knowing what would happen next minute.

Prison Break has simple story line from any other show, like the name suggest the show is based on a family who gets wrongly convicted for a crime and how they break from a prison.

Prison break was started on 2004 and written and directed by Paul T. Scheuring and the show was premiered in 2005 and had 4 seasons until 2009 and the show was produced by FOX and due to a lot of demand the show was renewed for season 6.

Prison Break : Season 1

Prison Break season 1 starts with Lincoln Burrows getting arrested for a crime that he didn’t commit, some people try to fake evidence by make a forgery video of Lincoln burrows killing someone in parking lot.

The court finally presents it decision and sentences¬† Lincoln Burrows to Death penalty. Michael Scofield who is Lincoln’s brother is a genius on many levels and he works with a engineering company. He then makes decision to get his brother out because he believe his brother is innocent and doesn’t deserves to die.

Michael then draws the map of the Fox river penitentiary where Lincoln burrows was held on his body as the company Michael works for has design the Penitentiary, he then attempts a bank robbery and get arrested by the police and the judge gives him choice to choose which prison he would want to be served in, he chooses FOX river penitentiary as he could be with his brother until his execution.

Michael successfully gets into the prison and make some friends in prison one of the closest friend he made is Fernando Sucre his cellmate. He then explains him about everything and about the Prison break.

He also makes friends with C-Note (A Drug Dealer), T-Bag, John Abruzzi, Fernando Sucre, Charles Westmoreland and start beginning to plan their escape. After a lot of ups and downs the finally manages to break from the prison. D.B. Cooper gets killed during the break. All of them manages to escape except 2 guys.

Prison Break : Season 2

After the escape from FOX River penitentiary the warden of the Prison gets in touch with the FBI and tells them about Prison Break. The FBI then starts to follow the case and capture the prisoners. Meanwhile, the prisoners go in search of the money that Charles Westmoreland had hidden. They later find the place and see that a house has been built on the place, they act as plumbers and dig the room where the stash is hidden. They later split the money and parts their way. FBI agent Alexander Mahone is assigned the task to track the fugitives who are on run, and it is revealed that he works for a company that want all of the fugitives dead. They later make it to panama and get arrested, Brad Bellick also gets arrested and transferred to SONA a maximum security prison controlled by the local leader.

Prison Break : Season 3

Prison Break Season 3 starts with Michael scofield being deported to SONA prison and the challenges he face there. He had to help the company to get one of there men out of the prison in order to free LJ Burrows. Lincoln Burrows then comes to SONA and explains the things he need to be done at SONA.

They successfully escape the prison leaving T-Bag behind, T-Bag gets arrested again and put in FOX River Penitentiary.

Prison Break : Season 4

The season 4 starts with the search for Syclla a black book that contains information about the projects that company does. The Syclla can be unlocked using the set of cards few people has. Michael then replicate the cards and tricks them and takes away Syclla. Meanwhile, Sara is imprisoned for killing christina and michael once again breaks her out of prison and they get settled in Panama.

Prison Break : Season 5

Prison Break Season 5 starts with T-Bag getting a fax from someone in Middle-East showing proofs that michael is alive and is imprisoned in Yemen. Michael is said to be working for Poseidon a CIA Agent links with the rebel groups and he wants Michael to free the head of the terrorist leader and get him to states.

Prison Break : Season 6 Release Date, Latest Update and News

There were rumors that fox was going to produce season 6 soon. However, that became true. FOX is producing Prison Break Season 6 and it’ll be released soon. The director of Prison break wrote on his timeline with series of tweets.

Paul Scheuring confirmed that season 6 is coming soon, he wrote the following tweets on twitter “If you must know, I finished the 601 script.”

“We’re going back to the beginning. Literally the very first frames.”

“God willing and the creek don’t dry, these cats will be on your screen again in short order…”

Prison Break Season 6 Release Date, Latest News and Updates
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