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Overlord Season 3 Release Date, Latest News and Updates

Overlord Season 3 Release Date : Overlord is a Japanese Series which began in 2010. As of today 13 volumes have been published. The manga was released in America in November 2016.

Many people liked overlord quickly the fan following rose to fame, Overlord Anime was aired between July and September 2015 with a total of thirteen episodes. After a great Season 1, Overlord Season 2 was aired between January 2018 to April 2018 with a total of 13 episodes. Overlord was produced by Madhouse media which also produced some of the greatest anime and is also producing One Punch Man Season 2.

Overlord Plot :

A DMMO-RPG game is released in the year 2126 and it stands top among the other DMMO-RPG Games due to it’s ability to interact with the users on the game. After almost a decade the game decides to shut down due to some reason. There exists a group of 41 members in the game 37 of them leaves as they know the game is shutting down. The remaining four chooses to stay until one day they all leave and the leader accepts that he will stay until the servers shut down.

When the time arrives for the game to shut down he realizes the game isn’t vanished but Yggdrasil recreated ts own reality along with its various NPCs while Momonga has trapped in the form of an avatar, making him unable to send messages or log out from the game. With no choice Momonga decides to learn whether anyone from the real world is also in this “new world” and try to solve the mystery.

Overlord Season 3 Release Date :

Overlord Anime is currently in production and it will be shortly released. The release date of Overlord Season 3 is July 17,2018


Overlord Season 3 Release Date, Latest News and Updates
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