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Silicon Valley Season 6 Release Date, Latest News and Updates

Silicon Valley Season 6 Release Date

Silicon Valley Season 6 Release Date, Latest News and Updates : Silicon valley is one of the best shows produced by HBO. It was started in 2013 and it has been running ever since, at the time of writing the fifth season of silicon valley is being aired on HBO.

HBO Silicon valley has lot of fans, the show is one of the most liked shows due to it’s different approach about valley. The show is centered around startups and the entrepreneurship culture in silicon valley. The show accurately describes how new startup founders struggle to present their idea to the investors and all the hassle they go through while starting up a company.

Silicon Valley Season 1 :

Silicon Valley Season 1 was started filiming in 2013 and the show aired on 6 April,2014 and ended on 1 June, 2014 with ten episodes in total.

Season 1 starts in Erlich Bachman house which he calls an incubator. The people living in the incubator are known as incubees, these incubees should give erlich a specific percentage for hosting them in his incubator while developing the apps. He also sold a million dollar automobile company called “Aviato”. The Season 1 is all about Pied Piper an app created by Richard Hendricks, this revolutionary app can compromise music and other files and decrease it’s file size with the same quality. Billionaire Friends turned foes Gavin Belson and Peter Gregory starts giving offers a buy-out for Pied Piper.

Richard goes with Peter Gregory and hires his fellow incubees from Erlich Bachman’s Incubator. Gavin Belson asks his employees to reverse engineer the platform and builds an exact replica named “Nucleus” they both perform at Disrupt conference and Pied Pier wins the Tech Crunch disrupt award for 50,000 USD.

Silicon Valley Season 2  :

Peter Gregory dies of cancer and Gavin Belson attends his memorial to pay respect to him, Richard gets an text which reads Gavin Belson is suing him for copying his idea Nucleus this keeps away any investors from investing in his platform.

Billionaire Russ Hanneman invests in his startup and pied pier starts working on the app. Meanwhile, Nelson Bighetti (Big Head) is promoted not for his skills but rather to show that he was also a co-founder of the app and worked on it. Raviga finally buys out hanneman after they win the lawsuit.

Silicon Valley Season 3 :

Richard is removed as CEO of pied piper. Jack Barker the new CEO of Pied Piper is also removed after the ream disagree with his ideas. Richard is promoted as CEO again. Meanwhile, Erlich throws a big Hawaiian party and ends up losing all the money, to cover up the costs he sells his share secretly to Raviga.

The number of installs increases but daily users doesn’t increase on the app, Richard decides it’s time to let go of the company. Jared then employees a click-farming company which provides fake users to show the uptick of daily active users.

Silicon Valley Season 4 :

Richard steps down as CEO and Dinesh Chugtai is appointed as new CEO. Richard starts working on a new project which he calls the new internet. Gavin offers a buyout of Pied Piper but richard goes with Bream-Hall a VC Company founded by Laurie Bream and Monica former employees of Raviga.

Silicon Valley Season 5 :

The Pied Piper teams employees coder to work on their project, Jared is the COO of Pied Piper mean while Jing yang tries to convince that Erlich is dead so that he can own all of his property and his 10% share in Pied Piper.

Silicon Valley Season 6 :

After a great Season 5, the creators decided to renew the season for a sixth season. Silicon Valley Season 6 is confirmed and it will go on the production very soon, Silicon Valley Season 6 will be released on 27 March, 2019


Silicon Valley Season 6 Release Date, Latest News and Updates
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