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Narcos Season 4 Release Date, Latest News and Updates

Narcos Season 4 Release Date, Latest News and Updates : Narcos is one of the most loved shows around the world. It is also one of the most viewed shows of all time. Narcos is a Netflix show, it’s about Narco trafficing and trade from South America Especially colombia and about the different cartels that has been running the Narco business right from the Early 80’s.

Narcos Season 1 was released in September 2015 on Netflix and it was one of the most viewed shows on Netflix at that point, Everyone started watching the show due to it’s intense reality and especially the show is based on true events. Narcos Season 1 was about Pablo Escobar the Drug Lord and Billionaire who rose to fame with his Narcotic business and the way he dealt with the Politicians. Pablo Escobar would go to any extent just to get things done and no one ever dared to go against Escboar, those who went were tortured and killed brutally.

Narcos Season 1 : Pablo Escobar – The Beginning

The Season 1 is all about how Escobar rose to fame from smuggling cigarettes in tires of vehicles such as Jeep, Vans in late 70’s and meeting cockroach (Mateo Moreno) and building the narc business from scratch in a small lab in Chile to expanding it to a billion dollar business and finally becoming the head of the Medellin Cartel.

Due to the crimes Escobar has committed, Colombian Government makes a deal with Escobar to serve time in prison and Escobar accepts on one condition that the prison would be built by him “La Cathedral” which is more than a guest house than prison. “La Cathedral” has all kinds of facilities such as Snooker, Hookers, Guns you name it. However, after the killing of two of his partners Colombian government tries to capture Escobar which will result in him being escaping from Prison.

Narcos Season 2 : The Capture of Pablo Escobar

The Season 2 continues right after he escaped from the prison and Escobar starts killing anyone whoever comes against him and his family. In one instance when his family travels and denied entry into Germany he threaten to bomb the airplane if anything inconvenience happens to his family. Escobar kills hundreds of people in Car bombs , Airplane Bombing and Colombian government finally tries to put him to the end with the help of DEA and special forces.

Escobar starts to lose everything, His money and Loyalty from his men as everyone of his men get arrested and threaten with deportation. Escobar then escapes to his father away from everything for a while and returns back, he then DEA radar when he tries to contact his family and gets killed the next day after his birthday.

Cali Cartel played a role in capturing Escobar as things were not good between the Cali Cartel Bosses and Medellin cartel boss Escobar

Juan Pablo Escobar the son of Pablo Escobar said in one of the interview that his father wanted to get captured that is why he kept calling them so DEA could find and arrest him.

Narcos Season 3 : The Rise and Fall of Cali Cartel

After the Death of Pablo Escobar, Cali Cartel takes over the Medellin Cartel and everything that Medellin Cartel has made. Cali Cartel mainly consisted of Rodriguez Brothers and his partners. The cali cartel ran like a fortune 500 company they had the advance tech in the history of any cartel. They monitored calls from US Embassy and United States and were always careful and avoided being under the radar of DEA. However, The Intelligence department of Cali Cartel Jorge Salcedo helps destabilizing the Cali cartel and the arrest of the Cali bosses and extradition to the United states.

Narcos Season 4 : Release Date and Latest Updates

Narcos Season 4 will be based the life in colombia after the cali cartel and many other cartels that ran the drug empire. Narcos Season 4 will be released on September 2, 2018

SeriesRelease Date
Narcos Season 4September 2, 2018
Narcos Season 4 Release Date, Latest News and Updates
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