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Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date, Latest News and Updates

Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date

Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date Latest News and Updates : Stranger things is one of the best shows out there on Netflix, It is a Netflix special which means it is only available to watch on Netflix, For those who haven’t watch the show yet it is a Science fiction horror web television show. The blockbuster series was written by Duffer brothers.

Stranger Things Plot :

The show is set during the 1980’s in a fictional town of Indiana.

Stranger Things Season 1 :

Stranger Things Season 1 was developed and produced in 2015 and it was released in June 2016 on Netflix. The show was one of the most viewed shows on Netflix. Stranger Things Season 1 had 8 Episodes.

In the first season a young kid named will gets abducted by a creature and the hunt to find will begins. Will’s mother and Police chief start searching for will. Meanwhile, will’s friend’s also try to find him, A young girl named “Eleven” who had escaped from laboratory helps Will’s friends in an effort to find will.

Stranger Things Season 2  :

After getting huge response for Season 1 and high number of nominations, The season 2 was immediately planned by the end of August 2016 and the season 2 was released in 2017 with 9 Episodes in it.

Stranger Things Season 2 starts a year later in 1984. Will has rescued but it is known that will is being influenced from the upside down, his friends thinks there is a threat to the world from Upside down.

Stranger Things Season 3 :

Stranger Things Season 3 is renewed for a third season Stranger Things Season 3 in December 2017, The show is currently in production and it will have eight episodes in total.

Stranger Things Season 3 might release in August 21, 2018. It is just a speculation from the news received from various sources on twitter. However, we would update the right date once we get to hear from the official handles.

Stranger Things to End ?

The duffer brothers said that they would discontinue the series after the Stranger things season 4 or Season 5.

Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date, Latest News and Updates
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